Embodied Movement Conference FREE & ONLINE
Embodied Movement
Seeds of Change for a New World
Embodied Movement
Seeds of Change for a New World
Moving towards the new 
Welcome to the Embodied Movement Conference...

...a place to receive inspiration and support from some of the brightest lights in the fields of conscious dance, somatic inquiry, body intelligence, yoga, energy healing, nutrition, spirituality, science and indigenous wisdom.
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Who is this Conference for?
The Conference is designed for EVERYONE interested in our collective evolution,  personal well being and a new way of living together.

It is a pivotal time on our planet and a challenging one for many of us. The Conference is designed to provide information and support to make the transition into a new way of living together: one that is kinder,  collaborative and based on more love and less fear.

We believe in the intelligence of the body to support this passage.
Celebrate the power of movement
to awaken our highest potential
and take an evolutionary leap into

a new way of relating to ourselves,
to each other and the planet
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What you will receive from the Embodied Movement Conference
Embodied Tools for navigating life with greater ease 
Scientific Understanding of how body intelligence supports awakening
Information and Support to take the evolutionary leap into the new
Exposure to new cutting edge healing modalities 
Indigenous Wisdom to help us remember who we are and our potential
Highest Level Facilitation provided by a stellar interdisciplinary faculty
Knowledge on how embodied movement supports the awakening of consciousness
Direct Experience of the body’s place in the journey towards awakening 
Nutritional expertise to support all levels of the body
Expanded Perspective on what is happening in our world
Live Interaction with an amazing team of teachers and experts 
Connection with a global community of like hearted people  
Gain lifetime access to all teachings,
information and practices 
and view them anytime, anywhere!
Purchase the Conference Collection and
receive 4 Bonus Gifts from Presenters!
It includes the audio and video recordings of all sessions of the Conference. All for unlimited lifetime access to tap to this rich resource for inspiration and learning for the years to come!

When we are connected to our own bodies
we naturally care and connect to other bodies and to the body of the planet
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What is
Embodied Movement?

Embodied Movement refers to practices connected to the experience of our moving body, like conscious dance, yoga, breath and energy work.

Embodied Movement is a term that also describes all that brings our body in alignment with the natural flow of life and supports our growth.   

This Conference will provide a direct experience of all aspects of Embodied Movement - including valuable information designed to improve our health and wellbeing - and will guide us towards an enhanced experience of life. 

Embodied Movement?

The Conference will explore how Embodied Movement has the power to awaken the intelligence of the body and support the passage we are making towards a new way of living together on the planet.

We will receive information and tools to help us navigate the changes in our inner and outer environment. We will also draw from indigenous wisdom and its relation to nature to reconnect with our body and with the intelligence of life.

Embodied Movement integrated with science, cutting edge technologies, ancient wisdom and spirituality will provide a powerful toolbox and the information we need to journey into the new.

the Conference in a glimpse
Discover cutting-edge technologies,
ancient wisdom and conscious practices,
woven into a powerful toolbox
for your journey into the new.

Whether you are just discovering embodiment
or already awakened to the movement,
you’ll expand your horizons
and benefit from these practices for the rest of your life.
What participants are saying
Thank you for your professionalism! This is certainly the most impressive online conference I've attended in a decade. I'm grateful  🙏  Catharine, Canada
I am so touched and inspired by the teachings I am receiving and by the group energy field, Thank you for organizing such an amazing  Conference. Peter, Germany
THANK YOU Amara & Pier Paulo for this Most BeautiFul Conference!!!! What a Treat!!  Alexandra 5Rhythms teacher in Paris 
Once again, you've changed my life... Ira, USA
I feel joyful and so much lighter and connected. Joyce, USA
If you enjoyed this Conference and feel inspired to support our work contributing to the incredible effort it took to produce and offer this event FREE to all, you have a chance to do so here.
Your contribution will also help us donate the Collection to people in need and share part of the proceeds with the non-profit organizations we endorse.
Meet the Faculty
Get inspired, expand your knowledge and learn from some of the best teachers and scientists in the field of consciousness and embodiment.
Amara Pagano
Creator of Azul Conscious Movement and Co-Founder of OneDanceTribe
Dr Sue Morter
Founder of Morter Institute for Bioenergetics, Bestselling Author
Michael Bernard Beckwith
Founder and Spiritual Director, Agape International Spiritual Center
Mark Hyman, MD
Senior Advisor Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and 14x New York Times Bestselling Author
Ya'Acov Darling Khan
Movement Medicine Man, Practicing Shaman and Best Selling Author
Michael Molin-Skelton
Movements Matter - Open Floor and  Soul Motion Faculty 
Andrea Juhan, Ph.D.
Co-Founder Open Floor, Psychologist and Dance & Movement Therapist
Melissa Michaels
Founder Golden Bridge and SomaSource Rites of Passage Process and 5Rhythms® Teacher
Susannah Darling Khan
Co-Founder of Movement Medicine
Adam Barley
Founder of ZeroOne - Movement Meditation Maths, Movement Mysticism
Susan Harper
Somatic Inquiry Teacher, Continuum & Expressive Arts 
Dr Martha Eddy
Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMT), Author and Co-founder Moving for Life
Kate Shela
The 360 Emergence, free-form movement spirit driven practice
Atira Tan
Somatic Trauma Specialist
and Educator
Mary Lane
Founder Divine Nourishment, Author, Medicine Woman
Marc David
Eating Psychology Expert and Best Selling Author
Amber Ryan
The 360 Emergence, free-form movement spirit driven practice
Lei'ohu Ryder
             Spiritual Leader               Founder Aloha in Action
Edgar Spieker
Co-founder Soul Motion Institute and Dance Therapist
Ashanna Solaris
Co-founder Clarity Breathwork
Maydeen 'Iao
Spiritual Leader
Co-Founder Aloha in Action
Founder Dance of Liberation
Mirka Scalco Kraftsow
Founder Viniyogalife
& Co-Founder
American Viniyoga Institute
Dana Dharma Devi
Co-Founder Clarity Breathwork, Speaker, Musician and Facilitator
Sofiah Thom
 Founder of Temple Body Arts®, Danyasa Eco-Retreat and Envision Festival
Jennifer Joy Jiménez
Founder of the "Health & Wellbeing Division" of Brave Thinking Institute, Creator  TRANSCENDANCE™
Rebecca Ann and
Dallas ChiefEagle
Co-Founders of All Nations Gathering Center, Oglala Lakota Sioux 
Ramon Gabrieloff-Parish 
Environmental Justice Professor, Rites of Passage Guide, SomaSource Leader
Jamie McHugh
Creator of Somatic Expression® - Body Wisdom for Modern Minds
Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo
Founder and Spiritual Director  Sunray Meditation Society
Philip Shepherd
Best Selling Author, Founder The Embodied Presence Process
Erik Iversen
Master of Embodiment and Movement, 5Rhythms® Faculty, Founder Somatomy™
Sabine Zweig
SuryaSoul Creator & DancerOfLife, Yogini, Choreographer, Designer
Evie O'Brien
Executive Director of the Atlantic Institute
Philippe Beaufour
Co-creator SuryaSoul and Taoist Martial Arts
Al Lagunero
Celebrated Hawaiian Artist
Xoli Fuyani
Founder of Black Girls Rising, 5Rhythms® Teacher,  SomaSource
Navasha Daya
Performing Artist, Cultural Arts Activist, Spiritual Advisor
Claudine Migisha
Founder Nguvu Ya Africa and Golden Girls Global Leader
Mariah Tuffy
Co-Director of Golden Girls Global in US, Puerto Rico and Brazil
Sarita Rivard Guerrero
Author, SomaSource and Golden Girls Global Leader
Juliet (Qingzhi) Zheng
Co-founder Bright & Beautiful
Golden Girls Global Leader
Manuela Welton
5Rhythms® Space Holder and Golden Girls Global Leader

We gather to create a field of love, inclusion and abundance that supports shifting fear into trust and separation into unity
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Meet the hosts and their vision
Amara Pagano is the creator of the Azul conscious movement practice and path of personal transformation.
I am passionate about harnessing the body's intelligence to support awakening our highest potential as spiritual and human beings. I believe that we are in a delicate and important passage of our life on this planet. And that it is time to rise and move towards a new way of living together centred on collaboration and cooperation. 
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Pier Paolo De Angelis is a visionary and a bridge builder who has dedicated the past 25 years to serve as a community leader and event organizer.
I believe in unity consciousness as a way to expand beyond the self and reach the hearts and souls of all beings. My intention with this Conference is to gather different perspectives on the greater conversation of embodiment and awakening consciousness. I hope the Conference will be a source of knowledge and inspiration, and an opportunity for unity and growth. 
Let's join forces and come together as one greater intelligence!
There is magic and infinite possibilities when we do this.
We invite you to participate in this co-creation.

If you enjoyed this Conference and feel inspired to support our work contributing to the incredible effort it took to produce and offer this event FREE to all, you have a chance to do so here.
Your contribution will also help us donate the Collection to people in need and share part of the proceeds with the non-profit organizations we endorse.
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